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The 1851 census image shows Richard and Ann Jones with four of their six children at “Waunmarchog”.  By this time, their (presumed) eldest child William has married and is living at nearby Ynysdomlydd.   Margaret Jones (1833-1911) is considered here.  Less is known about the other four children: they are considered here.

1. John Jones (1823-), a shoemaker aged 28 in 1851, is recorded as unmarried, with parents Richard and Anne at Maesmarchog.   John is noted on this and future censuses as Deaf and Dumb, (“born” so in 1871) which is no doubt why he has this occupation - one of the very few men in this family recorded as anything other than a collier.

Ten years later he is recorded at the Onllwyn Arms, still as a Boot and Shoemaker.   On the census return he is recorded as a “Visitor” but it is more likely that he was actually an employee: the landlord (William Llewelyn from Defynnog) of the Arms had previously, in 1851, been recorded jointly as a “Victualler / Boot & Shoemaker (employing two men)” so while a Richard Roberts was one of the employees in 1851, perhaps John came to take a job there some time before 1861.

By 1871, he is lodging with a Watkins family at Glynneath.  Up until his point, he is recorded as unmarried. Thereafter, no further obvious record can be found for him, suggesting he may have died sometime after 1871, and possibly before 1881, where he cannot be found obviously on the census.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find an exact record of his death as the summary Civil Registration Death index contains references to dozens of John Jones deaths, even just for the Neath area, in the 1870s-80s and it is not feasible to order all the certificates to find the right one.

2. Jacob Jones (c.1834-1917), collier (Haulier) in 1851 married Anne Jones (c.1834-) at Neath in 1858.  The couple lived for most of their lives in the Glynneath area.  Jacob was recorded as a collier (hewer) in all further censuses.  Both lived until at least 1911, when they are both recorded aged 76. at 5 Oddfellows Row, Glynneath.  On this same census they record that they have had no children, although in 1901, William Daniel Powell, born in 1893, is recorded with them as an “adopted son”.  He is also shown with them as a “nephew”, aged 18, in 1911.  Jacob’s death is recorded in the first quarter of 1917; he was 82.

3. Elizabeth Jones (c.1837-) In 1841, she is shown aged 4 with her parents at Tir Bach.  She is not resident there in 1851 or 1861.   No further failsafe record can be found for her at present, although she might be the 14 year old girl recorded on the 1851 census as a “Nurse” at nearby Aberpergwm House, headed by “Landed Proprietor” William Williams, whose 5 month old son, George, Elizabeth may have been engaged to look after.

4. Daniel Jones (c.1838) is recorded as a collier (Haulier) in 1861, aged 23, and shown on the census as at home with his parents Richard and Anne Jones.  He cannot be found readily on the 1871 census.

It is not completely watertight, but it is very likely that his death, aged 29, is that recorded on the 28th August 1867, cause given as “Spinal Disease”, ongoing for at least the previous 21 months according to the death certificate shown below.  Why might this be this “our” Daniel Jones?   Firstly his rough year of birth of 1838 (as inferred from ages given on 1841, 1851 and 1861 censuses) matches age of death in 1867 given as 29.  Secondly, the informant of death is given as Jacob Jones and we know Daniel had a brother Jacob who lived at this time in Glynneath.  While there were many Daniel Joneses at this point, there were far fewer Jacobs and in the Glynneath area, there really only appears to be one suitable.  Finally, the residence at death is given as Rock Villa, Neath Higher, which would correspond to a dwelling in Glynneath and indeed the registration district is given as Ystradfelte.  Occupation at death is given as Haulier, which matches all previous census declarations.

By 1871, father Richard Jones has died and his mother has moved in with her daughter Margaret (Eveleigh) above and her family at Glynneath.

Below: extract of death certificate for Daniel Jones




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