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Jennet Jones (1844-1922) - Children

Jennett Jones (1844-1922) and Samuel Bryant (1844-1883)

William Bryant (1869-93)

Mary Bryant (1871-1950) &

David price (1868-1952)

David Bryant (1873-94)

Gwenllian Bryant (1874-1953) &

Job Evans

John Bryant (1877-1955)

Richard Bryant (1878-1955) &

Margaret Lloyd (1880-1967()

Ann Bryant (1883-1946)

1. William Bryant (1869-1893), Glynneath 

William is said to have been killed in a mining accident, probably one of the numerous individual casualties not part of a larger-scale disaster.


2. Mary Bryant (1871-1950) married David Price (1868-1952)


Children:             Mary Annie Price (1895-1988) married Evan Griffiths

                             Jennet Price (1896-1988)

                             William Price (1904-1965) married Mary Hannah Powell

                             Catherine Price (1906-1926)

                             Ruth Price (1902-1929)


3. David Bryant (1873-1894)


4. Gwenllian Bryant (1874-1953) married Job Evans


Children:              John Samuel Evans (1903-1958)

                              Jennie or Jennet Evans (1911-)


5. John Bryant (1877-1955)


6.  Richard Bryant (1878-1955) married Margaret Lloyd (1880-1967)

For much of their lives, this family lived at 17 Bethania Street, Glynneath.


i. Blodwen Bryant (1903-1986) married Elvet R Jones

ii. David Griffifth Bryant (1907-<1911)

iii. Edward Bryant (1907-1972) married Catherine John.  He was a fire-officer in the colliery, most likely Aberpergwm, and in the military (WW2).

iv. Megan Bryant (1911-1990) married Cyril Adams

v. Gomer Bryant (1914-1978) married Elsie Davies. He was a shopkeeper in Glynneath and also a Police Inspector (“Specials”).

vi. Jennet Bryant (1917-) married David T Davies in Q4 1939.

vii. William Bryant (1922-2008) married Lilian Howells (1924-1990).  He was an electrician in Aberpergwm Colliery and deacon of Addoldy Independent Chapel, Glynneath.


7. Ann Bryant (1883-1946)


Addoldy Chapel, Independent, Glynneath. Photos by G. Jones, 2014


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