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If you 

- are interested in researching your own family history but don’t quite know how to go about it

- know your genealogical data but would like it written up in the form of stories or accounts

- would like to show your family history on a web site

- need any other advice about family research

then I can help

Please contact me privately through the contact form below.  Please note that my services are payable and to be discussed with each client.  Generally, costs involve my time, travelling & accommodation expenses, and any website subscription fees.


Some examples of what I can provide

Initial phone discussion to assess your needs up to 30 minutes  FREE

A two hour introduction to family history and how to do it yourself.  PACKAGE PRICE  + expenses

For this, you will normally need to have your own computer, some basic documents preferably from your grandparents and any more from the family you are interested in researching.  But no problem if everything isn’t there.  This can be done face to face (preferably) or remotely via Zoom or other platforms.

Further family history research, storytelling and website building will be charged at hourly rates to be discussed.




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