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Other resources

BBC Radio “The Big Hewer” (MacColl, Parker, Seeger)– originally broadcast 18 August 1961.  Audio recording re-released 2008.

Commission for Inquiring into the Employment and Condition of Children in Mines and Manufactories; report by Robert Franks, Children’s Employment Commission, 1842.  Edited by the Coal Mining History Resource Centre (Ian Winstanley)

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Welsh Newspapers Online – National Library of Wales

Historical maps from the National Library for Scotland digital information project

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Family history notes (anonymous) provided to author in 2017 by Undeg Cole, on the Richard Jones, Toncastell, family.

Family history notes on the Jeffreys (Camnant) family provided in 2019 by Jeff Alexander.

Cover shows “In the Bath” by George Brinley Evans (c.1950s), the same as chosen for his autobiography, below.


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