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Dulais Higher

John Wm. Jones (1867-) & (1) & (2)

William Jones (1820-79) & Gwenllian Davies (1823-79)

John Wm. Jones (1867-) & (1) & (2)

(1) Willie Jones (1891-)

(1) Margaret G. Jones (1893-)

(1) Emily Ann Jones (1897-) &

Morgan Watkins (1890-)

(2) Willie D Jones (1903-)

(2) Phyllis Jones (1906-) & 

John Colenso

1901 census for England and Wales

Some family lore holds that Daniel Jones (1862-1934) was the youngest child of William Jones and Gwenllian Davies, but it appears that John Jones (1867-) claims the title.

He is first shown in the 1871 census, aged 4, with his family at Corslwyn Coch.  After the death of their father William in 1879, the remaining unmarried children Daniel, Joan and John are hard to find – they would have been dispersed and taken in as boarders.  With no surrounding family to pin them down, Daniel and John Jones are names too common on the 1881 census to identify and locate them definitively.  The next time we see John is in the 1901 census showing Mary Powell (Jones), his sister, as head of her family.  Also shown resident is her brother John Jones, 34, confirming a birth date for him of around 1867.  He is shown as a Widower and has three children with him: Willie (14), Margaret G. (8) and Emily Ann (3).    We can see Emily Ann again ten years later with her aunt, Joan Jones, in Roman Road.

By 1911, the above family can be seen, below, at Front Row, Onllwyn and it appears John Jones has re-married – the census suggests the couple have been married for nine years, since about 1902, and have had four children, two of whom are recorded as having died.   It is possible one of these is the first Willie Jones shown below, given the later appearance of a second one.

Ten years later, in 1921, the same family has moved out of Front Row to Dulais Villa, Seven Sisters, evidently a move up in the world.   Head of the household John has been promoted to a Colliery Fireman, 18 year old Willie is a scholar and definitely not a collier at Neath County School and will no doubt take the train down the valley in the morning with his musically talented sister, Phyllis, 16 who is also a student there.  It is probable that both brother and sister had received scholarships in respect particularly of their unusual musical prowess but also no doubt general academic ability.

Mother Margaret Ann remains defined by her “Home Duties”.


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