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Morgan Richard Morgan (1756-1838) and Margaret Nicholas

 Richard Morgan (1715-1800) and Urania Jones, Castell Ddu, Llwyel

Morgan Richard Morgan (1756-1838) & Margaret Nicholas

Urania Morgan & Thomas Williams

Anne Morgan & John Jones

Morgan Richard Morgan (1756-1838) is the author’s 4xGreat Grandfather and at the moment, we can link the baptisms of three children to these same parents, Morgan Richard Morgan and his wife Margaret.

1. Urania Morgan (1793-1871) married Thomas Williams

Urania Morgan was clearly named after her grandmother, a relatively unusual name, which recurs in this family.  She married Thomas Williams at Llywel Parish Church on 28 December 1821 and spent most of her life in the small village of Llanfinghangel Nant Bran (further east, towards Brecon) as the wife of a Baptist Minister.   He is mentioned in later accounts of Nantyffin Chapel, Penycae, which was also to be connected to later generations of this family.  Urania Morgan is buried at Horeb Chapel, Cwm-dwr.

Below: Urania Morgan’s headstone at Horeb Chapel.  Photo by G. Jones, 2015

2. Anne Morgan (1796-1826) married John Jones

Anne Morgans married John Jones at Llywel in January 1816. 




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