Children of Meredith Jones

and Elizabeth Evans

1. Gwenllian Jones (1879-) is recorded at home with her parents in the 1911 census, aged 21.


2. Mary Ann Jones (1881-) is still similarly unmarried and still with her parents in 1911, aged 20.


3. William Jones (1884-) Aged 17, he is already recorded as a Collier in 1911, living at home with his parents in Blaengarw.


4. Jennet Jones (1886-1963) married John (“Jack”) Kemeys (1891-1962)

The “Llais Lafur’s” style guide of the time appeared to decree that all marriages should be written up as “interesting” and this wedding is alas not the only one to be reported thus.  It took place in March 1914 and it may seem surprising that this first marriage took place about four years after the chapel had opened in 1910.  However, just as now, the (Established) Church in Wales – here, the perhaps confusingly named Capel Coelbren - was the only establishment automatically legally entitled to perform marriages.  Non-conformist chapels like this one would have had to seek permission and declare a “named person” (usually the Minister) to conduct marriages.  Such permission was granted on the 22nd January 1914, the Llais Lafur reported.    Capel Coelbren was so named because it was a chapel of ease – a daughter chapel to St. David’s, Ystradgynlais.  Capel Callwen near Penycae had the same status.


Gwenllian Kemeys (1915-) married Jack “William” Jones and of Arosfa Station Road, Coelbren.   Husband and wife appear to have been 2nd cousins.

David M Kemeys (1916-1916) died in infancy

Dilwyn Kemeys (1923-1991)

Einir Kemeys (1929-1974) 


5. David John Jones (1889-) is still living at home with his parents at Blaengarw, in 1911.  He is recorded as a Miner (Hewer).


6. Richard Jones (1895-) had a local reputation as a pool “hustler”.  His father Meredith was involved with billiard halls.  In 1911, he is 16, and also recorded at Blaengarw as a Miner (Hewer).


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