Children of John Jones

1. Willie Jones (1891-) believed to have died in infancy.

2. Margaret Gwen Jones (1893-) married William Walters

Children:           Handel Walters


3. Emily Ann Jones (1898-) married Morgan Watkins

Children:          Alun Watkins

4. Willie D. Jones (1903-)

Willie David Jones was a talented musician who worked for the BBC and indeed his early progress is noted in the Llais Lafur (“Labour Voice”), May 1 1915.   His progress is then reported frequently in the Llais; for example, in 1918 it is reported that, aged only 15, he took first prize in piano at the National Eisteddfod. He remained a bachelor.



5. Phyllis Jones (1906-87) married Robert John Colenso (1911-2001)

Not be out-done, sister Phyllis Jones is mentioned in Llais Lafur, in August 1917, and she is also mentioned throughout the period as a prizewinner in various categories.   Chris Evans (1977) notes that she was later invited to open the new Onllwyn Miners’ Welfare Hall in 1955.  A Ph.D from the University of Manchester, she was eminently qualified to do this as a daughter of the village.    The Welfare Hall was a superb resource for the village. Perhaps for entirely the wrong reasons, it gained national prominence in the 1984-85 miners’ strike as the hub of a remarkable local support network for the families of striking miners.  Affectionately known as ”The Palace of Culture”, it features heavily in the 2014 film, “Pride”, and brings our story right up to date (photo from WT Davies, Now and Then series).  Phyllis Jones married Robert J Colenso in Hendon, West London, in the 2nd quarter of 1941.  They both died in Windsor, Berkshire.

Children:           David Colenso

Onllwyn Chapel members took part in a play around 1930 and featured brother Willie D Jones (rear 3rd right) and sister Phyllis Jones (middle, 3rd right).  

Photo kindly provided by WT Davies.

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