Children of Joan Jones

and David Jones

1. Gwenllian Jones (1886-1918) married Evan John Harrison, Onllwyn


Maelgwyn Harrison (1916-1974) married Elizabeth Mary Evans (1919-1998) in 1938.  In the 1939 register, the recently married couple are shown with Evan and Eleanor Harrison, at Whitting Street, Glynneath.

David Harrison

Gwenllian is said to have died giving birth and a death record exists for a Gwenllian Harrison of the right age, in Neath registration district, for December 1918.


2. William Jones (1887-)


3. Eleanor Jones (1890-) married Evan John Harrison (2nd. Marriage), Onllwyn

Eleanor, known generally as Ellen, was the subject of this interesting article in the “Weekly Mail” of October 1910.

A marriage reference for Ellen Jones and Evan Harrison exists for Neath for 1920.


4. David (“Dai Banwen”) Jones (1890-) married Mary Helen ?


Helen Jones

Phyllis Jones

Richard Jones

Gwen Jones

5. John Jones (1893-)


6. Joanna Jones (1892-) married John Jenkins (1896-)

The couple married at Neath in 1917.  In 1939, they are recorded with some of their children at Parish Road, Glynneath.


David John (“Jackie”) Jenkins

Ann Jenkins

Jennet Jenkins

Joan Jenkins


7. Mary Jane Jones (1896-) did not marry.


8. Rosina Jones (1898-1984) married John Richards (1902-)

The couple married in 1931 at Neath and on the 1939 register are recorded with their children at Ynyslas Crescent, Glynneath.


Arlais Richards (1933-2013)

Gwyn Richards

Mari Richards (twin)

Joan Richards (twin)

Llinos Richards


9. Owen John Jones (1900-)

Owen appears to have been named after his uncle, Owen Jones, brother to his father David Jones, and remained a bachelor.

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