Morgans of Llwyn-ynn

Morgan Morgan (1763-1841) and Anne David

A separate Morgan family was at Llwyn-ynn farm, south west of Trecastle, quite near Castell-ddu farm.   Morgan Morgan of Llwyn-ynn is described in various records as a “Gent.”, a relatively rare occurrence in these families who were mainly tenant farmers and tradespeople.  This Morgan family owned Nantpistyll farm and Morgan came to own Llwyn-ynn after the early death of his wife Ann. She was an only child and heiress to this property. (Evans (1988), p83).  Their youngest daughter Sarah Morgans is shown below, baptised at Llywel, on May 20th 1797, to father Morgan Morgans, farmer at Llwynn-yn and wife Anne, hamlet of Trayan Glas.

Extract of Parish Records for Llywel

Sarah Morgans married Richard Morgans, of Gellfain.

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