Coelbren 1914-21

This map extract comes from a digital representation of the Ordnance Survey 1914-1921 6 inch to 1-mile edition.  Coelbren House is the fourth house south of the “C” for Coelbren, diagonally northeast of the Price’s Arms (shown as P.H. – Public House).   The house is set in generous grounds.  All the major elements Coelbren would ever have are in place on this map: the railway junction, the school, Coelbren Church, Moriah Chapel and the aforementioned Public House.  In 2014, the railway junction has gone and the school and chapel are closed awaiting redevelopment.    The Church and pub remain open for business.    The Post Office has closed and, in 2017, a recently-opened modern GP surgery was slated for closure.   

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